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Nov 29, 2020

Due to the challenging, and anomalous nature of this year, we have been given choices. Required IRA distributions are optional this year. Your realized capital gains may be lower this year. Should you advance income into 2020 or defer it to 2021? How should you go about contributing to charity this year? Where we...

Nov 25, 2020

Ann discusses end of year financial planning ideas and tasks - some due to the virus - and others that are pertinent every year.

Nov 22, 2020

Simon discusses the character of the stock market surge since the election and release of positive vaccine-related news. He does suggest short-term caution but notes the significant asset class/sector rotation and change in market leadership from the previous stock market peaks in August. Simon also shares some of the...

Nov 18, 2020

Simon discusses how near-term market caution is warranted, but things look more promising over the intermediate-term. He then shares some of the most useless, hackneyed financial phrases such as "the market hates uncertainty" and how most provide no value to the investor. It pays to ignore throwaway advice!

Nov 15, 2020

On today's Wise Investor Show, Chase looks under the hood of the major stock index at more compelling valuations and tries to make sense of the spin the market put on the vaccine news last week. Stocks mentioned include FTV, GNRC, AMZN, AAPL, C, DIS, NFLX, and IMAX.